I am a freelance cinematographer in Los Angeles. Having studied cinematography at Emerson College, I swiftly became involved in the film community. I've lensed 15 short films, dozens of commercials, and a number of music videos. Narrative film making is my passion, but I've also amassed a large number of corporate videos and specialty multi-media projects. I have had shorts in various film festivals, was in a Google Oscar commercial, and have worked with top-tier clients such as Prime Motor Group, Everlast and Vaya. I've worked with MTV Music Video award-winning music video directors, ASC cinematographers and high end agencies. 

I'm an enthused learner. "If I'm not pushing myself then if I'm not trying something new" - my mantra.

Comfort is seen as a negative. I am constantly evolving in order to try new things, experiment with new ideas and work with new people. Who knows, we could be each other's greatest success.